Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February is Looking Up

In my January Retrospective I figured I wouldn't see all that many shows in February and matching January's 15 bands would be difficult. Now I'm not so sure.

I have tickets to the PUSA-Fest at the Showbox on Saturday 2-19, it's an all ages show and the kids get to go, should be fun.

I also have a couple of tickets to the Decemberists at the Paramont on Friday 2-18.

On Thursday I plan on getting 2 free tickets to the The Thermals, Mad Rad & Das Racist "Sasquatch Fest Announcement" show this Sunday 2-5. I saw them with my daughters at the Capitol Hill Block Party in the Summer of 2009 and again with Carina at Bumbershoot in the Summer of 2010, here's a photo from that show.
Bumbershoot 2010 Monday
Next I glanced at the Vera schedule and realized there are 7 shows I'd like to see in February with one required - I'm cooking tacos at the Veracity show.

If I can only make it to 2 of the 6 optional Vera shows I'd end up at 3 Veracity + 3 other shows and roughly 18 bands. If I exert myself I could see 21 or even up to 30 bands on paper, but I'll be happy to match January's 15, anything more is gravy. Of course, I've always been a big fan of gravy, pouring it all over any form of potatoes and chowing down, but I digress.

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