Monday, February 21, 2011

Real Time Updates From Shows

Web on small cell phones is at best marginal, mostly useless. SMS fits better.
The above post was done via SMS from my cell phone. Worked OK, but it's slow, tedious, and not too expressive. No photos, no videos, no links.

I've been thinking about trying to post live from shows but I'm not fond of the options I've tried so far.

I have an Android mini-tablet that can use WiFi, so I may try that at the Vera where I think I can get on the WiFi. It's large enough the the touch screen keyboard is usable by me, and the display is large enough to be mostly useful on the web. The USB-on-the-go feature should even allow me to post photos and videos to flickr if I can figure out how to do that, and once they are on flickr I can link to them from my blog at the show. In theory, anyway.

There's a show tomorrow night (Thursday 2/24) at the Vera with The Courage, I think I can try it out there. I'll follow up with a blog to let you know how it goes.

If it goes really well I'll follow up with a blog from the show. We'll see.

Update: Wimped out
It snowed and I worked at home and didn't get motivated enough to head out the door.
Two more opportunities this weekend at least, the weather hasn't been too cooperative though.
Later Update:
This is trivial for a modern smart phone like and Android or an iPhone. At Veracity shows I usually post a photo onto Facebook from each band as they start playing.

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