Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Retrospective

February ended up being much more actively musically than I had expected. The quality of the acts at the Veracity shows continues to be outstanding, free shows at the Blue Moon kick ass, regional acts that got big (Decemberists, Presidents) can still put on a killer show, and lots of interesting acts get through Seattle. For the month I'm up to 20 bands, 16 for the first time in February with 4 previously seen bands (the Thermals and Decemberists 3 times, Presidents 4, Mad Rad twice). Adding January in I've seen 35 bands, 28 for the first time.

Amazingly enough I actually seem to get a few readers, so I definitely want to give a shout out to the blogs that let me post links to my show blogs, I posted a list of them in a seperate blog. Thanks everyone!

Highlights: The first good mosh pit of 2011 at the Thermals Sasquatch Kick-off show on Super Bowl Sunday.
SasquatchKickOff 039

Checking out the Smoke Wreck Kings after hanging with Marcus for a couple of Vera shows and getting blown away by several songs.

Atomic Tom covering a seminal song from my adolescence.
AtomicTom 037

Excellent lineup of 4 killer bands at Veracity, still by far the best value in Seattle live music.

The first good sellout of 2011 at the Vera by Boyce Avenue.

The Presidents kick-ass PUSA-Fest show - best mosh pit yet, they had us bouncing so hard!

The Decemberists polishing and perfecting their sound, then totally deconstructing it in a rocked out screamer.
Feb 2011

Missed shows: Grynch hosted Scribe's CD Release party on Feb. 4 with Knowmads and Kung Foo Grip. Missed Rypint. Black Milk with Candidt and Grynch.
Friday 2/18 at the Vera I missed Us on Roofs, Land of Pines, The Cat from Hue and The Warm Hardies - I took Dana to the Decemberists that night. Shabazz Palaces and Thee Satisfaction at Neumos sounded good, too bad I missed it. Gang of Four at the Showbox, Seattle Weekly says "killed it." Dang. Sebadoh and Quasi. The Courage at the Vera.
Free Sundays at the Blue Moon usually get past me too. There were actually too many missed good shows to list them all, I wish I had more free time and disposable income, and maybe a time travel machine, so I could catch more of them.

On to March, plenty of shows coming up at the Vera Project, and I think my plan to get a free trip to Sasquatch Fest looks like it's going to work out - keeping my fingers crossed. I won't be blogging about that event for a few months yet, of course.

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