Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Veracity

My daughter Heather and I cooked vegan tacos for February's Veracity show and the bands put on a great show.

First up was Talking in Tongues who were playing as we setup the wok and grilled onions and peppers for tacos while the beans were heating in the microwave. I got some field recorder audio which should be pretty high quality but I haven't reviewed it yet, so I've ended up with no record of the act so far. I remember guitars and keyboard, with a guitarist leaning over his guitar to play the keyboard on a couple of songs, enjoying the groove on a couple of numbers and liking the overall sound. I'll try to update this when I get around to listening to the .wav files.

The second act was Si Si Si, a power trio with an additional percussion dude doing tambourine. Fun loud punkish stuff, I got some video:

The crowd was moving a bit and dancing was breaking out, which always takes the energy level up and makes for a better show. I was bouncing around back in the concessions stand and out in front of the band, getting some audio and video recordings and enjoying the show.

The third act was the Shivas who played with 2 guitars, bass and drums. The drummer was an attractive statuesque brunette, the music had a simple surfer vibe and was fun - even more dancing and motion in the crowd, one of the better crowd experiences in several months of Veracity shows.

Great Veracity show already with 3 bands and we weren't done.

The Night Beats were the headliners and they came out as we cleaned up the taco fixings and washed off the dishes.
This bit sounded almost spaghetti western-ish after the transition:

The crowd was feeling it and the show was cooking with the Night Beats cooking up a range of interesting sounds, getting a bit of the surfer feel again, but also veering off in other unpredictable directions.

We stayed until the Night Beats finished and then packed it in and headed home in a great mood - I love seeing a good show and all 4 bands had been fun and interesting.

I looked up the Night Beats after the show, they got some nice blog love here and there.

My camera's batteries were dead so I mostly got videos and audio recordings, but the videos seem to have turned out OK. I've run my laptop out of room for all of the videos so I'll have to get a USB hard drive or something to back up the videos before I can get process more video, so the logistics of getting the posts done has been more challenging recently but not too bad.
This weekend I'm going to the Decemberists on Friday and the Presidents of the USA on Saturday with the kids, it'll be awesome, maybe even epic - but a challenge to keep up on the blogs in a timely manner.

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