Thursday, February 10, 2011

Upcoming Shows and Recent Shows I Missed

I've been plotting out my strategies for seeing free and cheap shows this weekend.

I'll probably see Boyce Avenue at the Vera for free, although I may have to sign up to steer, since nobody else is volunteering. Could be worse - it could actually cost me some cash!

I also entered a drawing for a pair of free tickets to Sebadoh thanks to the Seattle Weekly. I'm not likely to win free tickets, but sending an e-mail is easy enough so I might as well try.

I saw that Rypint played a show Wednesday night, but I didn't notice until Thursday. Doh! I've never seen him live, but he made a best of 2010 list from a local music blogger (which I promptly lost tack of, too bad, I liked the post & I'd link to it if I could find it). The video by Rypint is classic:

I particularly enjoy the little kid and the lousy job at a pawn shop - no bogus bling here, until the obviously bogus bling in the Cribs parody. The freakout when he hears his stuff on the radio was pretty awesome too. He's local, so hopefully I'll get some more chances to see him shortly.

The Vera Project also has a new exhibit opening in their lobby/gallery with live music on Friday (tomorrow, 2/11) so I may be able to catch that. It's free - with snacks, no less! Quite a bargain.

There are some interesting fairly inexpensive options like Big John Hamhock (gotta love the name) at Slim's Last Chance Chili Shack & Watering Hole on Friday for $7.

I'm not sure which shows (if any) I can make it too, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'll be disappointed if I don't at least make it to Boyce Avenue at the Vera, anyway.

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