Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Boyce Avenue, Megan & Liz and Tiffany Alvord at the Vera 2-13-2011

I saw Boyce Avenue, Megan & Liz and Tiffany Alvord at the Vera project Saturday night. They sold the venue out, so they added a second show Sunday night too, although I didn't see that one.

Tiffany Alvord played first; she's young, cute and talented. She did a cover of "I Want To Be A Billionaire" that I enjoyed:

Next up was Megan & Liz, twin girls who sang while one played guitar on most numbers. They also sang to some pre-recorded music for an original tune. I didn't get that one on video, but I got this cover of Ke$ha tune:

They remind me a bit of First Aid Kit (two young women singing harmonies with an acoustic guitar) which is intended as a compliment, since I really enjoyed First Aid Kit. First Aid Kit did more folk oriented material though, where Megan & Liz did more pop oriented stuff. I like the nice harmonies, and so did the audience. I talked a little bit with one woman who was there with here young teen (as a reward for the teenager getting a 4.0 - nice!) and the teen was totally awestruck by seeing Megan and Tiffany. Something about the enthusiasm of youth is infectious, so I enjoyed seeing her geeking out on her favorite band like that.

Next were the headliners, Boyce Avenue. I had listened to a couple of tunes by them on youtube and they were acoustic covers, nicely done if a little quiet. There live show was a little harder and louder with drums, bass and 2 guitars, sometimes 2 electric, sometimes one electric and one acoustic. The crowd was into it, and they definitely worked the crowd. I got a nice recording of a cover of Wonderwall, the old Oasis tune:

Nice arrangement, very nice sound, and the crowd was totally eating it up. Good show, and it was nice to see the Vera Project selling out too.

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