Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Globes at the Nectar

I saw the Globes at Sasquatch and they killed it. I friended them on Facebook and kept an eye out for another opportunity to see them. Last week they posted on their Facebook wall that they were playing a free show at Nectar and there was free beer samples from Deschutes Brewery (the sponsor) too - hot damn! A great band and good beer for free! I like quite a few different Deschutes beers so this sounded awesome.

I had the monthly Veracity committee meeting at the Vera Project after work, then (after wasting a little too much time) I caught the bus up highway 99 and got off up the hill from Fremont. Between the later bus and the slow walk down the hill with my laptop and cameras I managed to miss the free beer samples. Doh! I was pretty broke, so I got some water and settled in as the first band took the stage.
Globes 130
They introduced themselves as "Isaac and Jacob" and played an interesting acoustic set.
Isaac played sax and flute while Jacob sang and played acoustic guitar. I didn't recognize anything so I assume they're original compositions.

They wrote interesting lyrics and performed nicely dynamic music on acoustic instruments. They had an excellent sound and kept us entertained; considering I was feeling a little pissy because my shoulder hurt from lugging the laptop around town and I was resenting the lack of any beer, they had to be pretty darn good to keep my attention and get me enjoying the show - and they pulled it off.

As Isaac and Jacob finished up I zipped out and met my daughter as she parked the car, finally putting the laptop down into the trunk. We headed back into Nectar as the Globes cover of "Long Distance Run Around" (an old Yes classic cover) rang out. They pretty much had me at the Yes cover; my top 3 bands as a kid were the Beattles, Led Zeppelin, and Yes - the first bands that I got more than 1 LP from.
Globes 163
They did one song that I loved at Sasquatch and I managed to not get the recorder started, so minutes were spent holding up a recorder that was doing nothing. Oops. So I missed recording most of one of the songs I really like, too bad.

I managed to get several good songs recorded and Carina even split a Summer Ale with me, so the evening improved rapidly. It's nice having daughters that are old enough to buy me a beer.

The evening was sponsored and paid for by Deschute Brewery, and I definitely have a soft spot for them. They make several of my favorite beers like Mirror Pond pale ale and Black Butte Porter and interesting seasonals, very good stuff. I like marketing that allows me to do cool things like see bands for free and sample free beer.

I missed the free samples but that was my own fault - poor execution. Turns out the seasonal Summer Ale is wonderful, pretty full bodied and just slightly fruity, great tasting yet reasonably light, Carina quite enjoyed it too. We drank it pretty fast.

The Globes did a good job plugging the sponsor too, it made me think of "Beer Money" by the Young Fresh Fellows - and I mean that in a nice way. Beer fuels an awful lot of the live music market, and mid tier acts like the Globes are going to mostly play bars, so they're pretty much earning beer money!

I'll update this and rearrange things a little when I get the contents of my DSLR downloaded and then uploaded.

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