Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quixote Radio at the September Veracity

Quixote has been a Vera member for years and I saw him do a Veracity set with Stereo Upstairs and some "Crustaceans" band around a year or 15 months ago. When I ended up booking the September Veracity (first show I've ever booked) Quixote graciously agreed to play on short notice, so we were treated to a nice set of Quixote Radio at this month's Veracity show.
MidSept11 016

Quixote writes intense song lyrics that pull you in and engage your emotions. He fills his sound out with the acoustic guitar strumming as he sings and plays melodic leads and fills, switching between lead and rhythm. The guitar breaks in this song carry it through to the powerful regret at the end, nice work:

The digital SLR did fine with Quixote's sound levels so I got some good hand held high def footage, kinda shaky and occasionally chops off the top of Quixote's head but still nice.

I liked his new song, interesting driving groove and good expressive use of his voice, it has a little more stripped down sound and a good intensity to it:

I got quite a few songs recorded and posted on my youtube channel. Quixote put on an excellent set of interesting music and made it look easy in a very nice performance. I'll end my post with his closing song:

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