Saturday, September 24, 2011

Neptune Grand Opening

I have a history with the Neptune Theater. I worked there in my teens before and during the Rocky Horror Picture Show back in the seventies and eighties. It was a great place to work when life was easier and minimum wage was enough to pay for rent and college if you worked at it.

The Neptune closed down as a movie theater and has reopened as a live music venue, and their Grand Opening is upon us. They are running 5 nights of free events so they are speaking my language!

The lead off on September 25 with the Rocky Horror Picture Show, one last chance to reconnect with my adolescence, although it won't feel the same without all of the drugs. Being in the dark communing with my fellow freaks with that music and imagery might bring it all back, though!
RHPS 135
I went with my wife, a friend, a couple of my kids and one of their friends.

The costumes were good and the floor show in particular was classic:
RHPS 090
September 26 is a "Comedy Cavalcade" hosted by Luke Burbank starring John Keister and some short films which includes a comedy class.

September 27 is "Seattle Voices" with maritime music and the Total Experience Gospel Choir and an audience participation gospel workshop and rap artists Crtical and EriAm Sisters. I love gospel and choir music and singing, so this one is pretty attractive to me.

September 28 is the Salsa and Hip Hop Dance Party. Salsa classes then salsa dancing with a live band followed by a Hip Hop lesson followed by a set by DJ WD40. Should be fun, I'm seeing if my wife wants to go. She likes dancing and it's fun going out, dancing and hitting the bar.

September 29 is Acoustic Night with Bobby Long and openers including Grant Olsen and Mads Jacobson. Sounds like "including" implies there are some others too, but it isn't completely clear.

That ends up being quite a few opportunities to go out, and they are all free on a first come, first served basis. At the very least I should go on the acoustic night or the voices night and hear some performances, that'll help me get to 365 for the year. It would be fun if the wife and/or kids want to go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and I'm hoping I can get Dana to go to the Salsa/Hip Hop dance night. I probably won't actually make it to 4 of the 5 nights, but it's a nice opportunity worth thinking about and at least some level of effort is called for.

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