Thursday, September 1, 2011


With Bumbershoot this weekend I should get 50 to 60 bands/performances, bringing my total very close to 300 for the year. I'll get more than 300 by the end of the year and the next "obvious" number to shoot for is 365. Getting to 365 live performances means I need about 70 more performances in the last 4 months of the year - an average of 17.5 per month.

On the surface 365 seems achievable: I got about 296 in the first 8 months or so, that's around 37/month, if I can achieve 50% of my average monthly rate for the next 4 months I make it. Dig a little deeper and it isn't going to be easy: festival season is winding down. I'll attend 4 Veracity and at least 2 or 3 open mic nights so I'll get perhaps 20 out of those. If I go to 2 shows a month at the Vera that gives me 8 shows and perhaps 24 performances. 70 - (20 + 24) = 26. So I need to dig up 26 more performances, a bit more to be safe, say 30 more so if I miss a show I still make it.

That's another 2.5 shows per month, or one good festival. Hmm, Decibel is at the end of September into October. Looking at their web site I see a promising tab: Volunteer! I filed out the application - I've got a pretty good resume when it comes to volunteering and also running shows, and I'm pretty much completely flexible on schedules. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Escalator Fest is September 23-24, the weekend before Decibel Festival. Their web site doesn't have details or a schedule or tickets yet, I'll have to check back in later.

City Arts Festival runs October 22-24, 3 Day All Access wristbands are $69 and come with some nice perks. One thing looks a little crappy: almost all shows on the first day are "doors open at 7" so they all run at once. Lots of bands playing, but you'll only see 2 or 3, maybe 4. I haven't checked Saturday yet, but you might only get 10 or 12 bands for the weekend. That's not terrible, but at $6/band it's a little high for a festival. You do get into a couple of parties and there are some good bands to see, I'll have to think about this one some more.

I can rack up some cheap performance credits around Christmas, there are always plenty of good opportunities: caroling at tree lighting ceremonies, the Christmas boats with the carolers on Lake Washington, church services and just friendly opportunities to practice singing carols, if I'm close I'm counting those too. If I get it close in December I can get a final 5 or 10 and make it to 365 for the year.

So I still have a shot at 365 but it will take some luck, some money, a bit of perspiration and maybe some inspiration. If a festival or two works out, or a really good run of Vera shows comes up, and I don't have any health, professional or personal issues that get in the way... As the saying goes, God willing and the creek don't rise. As close as I live to Swamp Creek, that "and the creek don't rise" bit sure resonates. Swamp Creek Early Spring 11 179


  1. What a record i have around 6 for so Festival Wristbands from this summer but i no where near 300 performances. Well done you :)

  2. Thanks, but I'm trading a bit of quality for quantity, though. In order to see more bands at the festivals, when they have more than 1 band playing I watch a bit of 1 band, then go over to the other stage to see the next band, and so on, so I miss some of each band's performance. I've seen many good performances, but I also left before the end of some pretty good shows too!