Friday, September 9, 2011

The Olivia Tremor Control, the Music Tapes and Megabog at the Vera Project September 8, 2011

On Thursday I helped run the Volunteer Orientation at the Vera Project, then stayed to watch the show with the Olivia Tremor Control, the Music Tapes and Megabog that night.

Megabog played first, and they were the most traditional rock act of the three, even if they did use a clarinet. They set up on the floor rather than the stage; I'm not sure but I suspect it was because the equipment for the other bands (especially the 7' metronome - more on that later) took up so much space on the stage.
Olivia 009
Since they're playing on the floor rather than the stage the video is fairly dark which makes it a little hard to see.

The Music Tapes was up next.
Olivia 025
The patter was fascinating with complex interesting stories like the one about his grandfather being a professional "Hippopotamus" and using shadows to communicate to his grandson.

The next video has a great story about lost music codes passed down in circus families in Romania around 4 minutes into the video, fascinating story but I have no idea if it's real or fiction. In addition to the cool stories they also did a bit with a 7' metronome that was quite different and amusing. The singer also played a musical saw, not something you see very often. It has a different sound, quite interesting. The metronome bit is 11:15 or so into this video:

Olivia Tremor Control took the stage for the headlining set. As you can see in the picture the dude from the Music Tapes played with them and on at least some songs he used the banjo (?) played with a bow:
Olivia 040
Olivia Tremor Control frequently used a more "normal" set of instruments: guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals, like this song:

On somesongs Olivia Tremor Control used a large number of guitars. They also used a horn or two on some songs, giving an interesting depth to their sound.

I got quite a bit on video, you can see more of it on my youtube channel. Somewhere in there should be some songs with the bowed instruments, I think in at least one there was both a fiddle and the banjo-ish instrument both being played with bows.

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