Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday at Sasquatch

After the Friday night shows and a night spent sleeping on the ground I woke up with a sore sinus and throat due to the freezing weather. There was frost all over, but it warmed up pretty quickly once the sun rose.

We trooped in and set the pavilion back up and re-chalked and opened back up for business.
After the slow start on Friday there are way more bands scheduled for Saturday, starting with the Seattle Rock Orchestra covering Radiohead.
Sasquatch Sat2 024
This video of Paranoid Android got more views than anything else I posted from Sasquatch.

Next up was Pepper Rabbit, interesting band with a bass guitar + ukulele + drums approach.
Sasquatch Sat2 043
Good vocal in a good song, when the backing vocals join in they get a kind of dreamy sound, tasty use of occasional reverb on the vocals too. They mix the sound up a bit, stripping it back to lead vocal and percussion for a bit, then bringing the instruments and harmonies back to finish the song up. Very nice!

Opening on the main Sasquatch stage was Alberta Cross, I only got pictures since I got there too late and/or was too busy.

Next I climbed back up the hill, getting back in time to see a little more of Pepper Rabbit.
Sasquatch Sat2 072

Zipped on over to the Bigfoot stage and caught Secret Sisters next.
Sasquatch Sat2 080
Nice sound, reminds me of First Aid Kit a little, more country than them though.

The blond guitar playing sister gets the lead on this nice old Patsy Cline number:

Back over to at the Yeti stage the Globes were hot.
Sasquatch Sat2 092
The build into this song with the odd repetitive patterns and unusual sounds is wonderful, and as the vocal winds in the song builds to an interesting intensity before stripping back down to vocal and drum, then back again. Tasty use of dynamics and transitions, excellent performance.

The next band on the Sasquatch stage is The Radio Dept.
Sasquatch Sat2 100
Two guitars and keyboard with sequenced drums. The first song is dreamy and a little dancey, somewhat spacey in an accessible way. Nice Summery pop song.

This song features the vocal a little more prominently, but it's still a bit hazy and Summery. The nice upbeat instrumentation contrasts just a bit with the slightly sadder vocals, giving it an interesting distance.

Headed back up the hill and caught K-OS doing a nice rock/hip hop/funk performance.
Sasquatch Sat2 119
Good scratching, good vocal, good rhythm section, I like the live music and the guitar, and around 2:00-2:15-2:45 when the guitarist and turntablist swap leads back and forth - pretty tasty stuff, talented live crew.

Missed the Head and the Heart, heard it from a distance but didn't get to see it.

Dan Mangan had a bit of a horn section and a good sound

Trailer Park Boys were amusing, no video found of them so far.
Sasquatch Sun9 001

Sharon Von Etten put on an excellent set, I like the vocal and the sound

Caught a bit of Wolf Parade, no video though.
Sasquatch Sat2 156
I worked on some Sasquatch business for a bit so J. Mascis and Jenny and Johnny got past me. I was able to get Pink Martini:
Sasquatch Sat2 207
Classic big band approach, strings and horns, lots of percussion, wonderful old school sound.

Next after trudging back up the hill I saw Wye Oak.
Sasquatch Sat2 241
They were cool, unfortunately my DSLR did a poor job with their sound so the video isn't very good. The technical difficulties are all mine, fortunately Wye Oak sounded great and put on an excellent show, I just didn't do a good job capturing the excellence.

Next up was the Antlers who really put on a great set.
Sasquatch Sat3 003
This song in particular made my day, wonderful song performed well, I'll have to keep an eye out for the Antlers, one of my favorite new discoveries from Sasquatch.

Next up was the Thermals, long time favorite Portland punk outfit I've seen 2 or 3 times at Bumbershoot plus the free Sasquatch kick off show early this year.
Sasquatch Sat3 020
They put on a fun fast tight set, I always enjoy the Thermals.

Matt and Kim were fun, they were pumped up and having a great time and the audience was totally into the energy.
Sasquatch Sat3 042

Next up was Iron and Wine on the Sasquatch main stage.
Sasquatch Sat3 082

Around then we got a beautiful sunset over the gorge.
Sasquatch Sat3 086

Saw the Glitch Mob
Sasquatch Sat3 110

Saw Bright Eyes
Sasquatch Sat3 094

Back up out of the amphitheater to see Robyn
Sasquatch Sat3 136

I was getting seriously tired, going down to the bottom of the amphitheater, filming, then coming all the way back up and filming, then repeat.

Headed back down into the amphitheater one last time as the sunset glow faded. Time for some Death Cab for Cutie to wrap things up.
Sasquatch Sat3 140

One of my favorite Death Cab for Cutie songs, heavily prefiguring mom's death of cancer within the week. I really love this song, and I really love the crowd sing-along effect you can hear in the recording.

Title and Registration is another great song with the crowd singing.

Obsessive love song, pretty unpleasant sentiment in a pretty wrapper. Very well done.

Missed some good stuff like Head and the Heart, Jenny & Johnny and Aloe Blacc but I got 19 documented and I believe I actually saw 20 counting the DJ.

Awesome day of music, all kinds of good things to watch and listen too. An embarrassment of riches, really.

Off to sleep in the tent, halfway through the festival. Sunday lineup looks pretty good too!

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  1. great vids dude!! I was at a few of these shows.. Sounds like you didn't have half the fun I had! Sorry bout the sickness.. MUSIC HEALS EVERYTHING!!