Monday, August 29, 2011

Braille, Theory Hazit, Knowmads, Greg and Jerome and Friends

Hip hop show Sunday night at the Vera needed steering, when I checked in I was told they had steering but minimal volunteers so I could do Lead Front Door. I brought my son and a couple of his friends, between them they did front door security (checking purses and backpacks), concessions (probably $50 or so in business) and roaming security. Steering never showed, so the show manager and I sort of herded the boys while I sold tickets. The show manager was nice enough to cover me for several minutes here and there so I could start and restart my video cameras and take a few pictures.

Here's the show manager waving and my son in concessions:
Late August 2011 039
The set list showed 4 acts and we had a couple extra plus a few guest performances.
Korvus Blackbird performed an early set (I know his name because I signed him in, not sure what the other dude's names are).
Late August 2011 042
Late August 2011 046

Greg and Jerome, plus Korvus Blackbeard and Julie C take turns putting on a show:

Knowmads put on a great show, I suspect most of the crowd turned out to see them.
They've always been good about sharing bills and revenue and tonight was more of the same with Braille and Theory Hazit both capably headlining but the Knowmads doing the heavy lifting of delivering the paying audience.
Late August 2011 057
Tom Pepe did a spoken word introductory piece:

We got some new material too:

Several classic joints like The Boat Can Leave Now:

and Wildflower:

A few additional bits from the show ended up on my youtube channel.

Knowmads are one of the more reliably creative local hip hop crews, always putting on a good show and always pushing the envelope with free-styling and battling, nailing their classic numbers every damn time. Kind of odd noticing kids who aren't even 20 yet (Tom Wilson and Tom Pepe - wait, didn't they just have back to back 21st birthdays or something?) have several year old "classic old school" tunes.

Theory Hazit put on an excellent set of urgent personal music.
Late August 2011 069

I got most if not all of Theory Hazit's performance on my youtube channel if you want to check it out. Here's a couple more bits:

I enjoy the way his faith informs his music and the intensity, very nice.

Finally Braille came on and finished the show off with a great headlining set.
Late August 2011 073

I got quite a bit of good video footage by leaving the Flip running on a tripod in the balcony.

Dense with hip hop music, little filler, strong rhythms and interesting rhymes.

I ended up getting most if not all of Braille and posting most of it here.

Some other stuff and the finale can be found on my youtube channel if you're interested, the 3 selections above cover most of Braille's set though.

I believe I count the 4 announced acts plus 3 others (Korvus, Julie C, one other) for 7 total. Could be more, hip hop is interesting and flexible that way. So the running total ends up at 237 performances so far through August, 209 bands for the first time.

Thank you and good night.

P.S. Official Packed Bagz off of The KnewBook is available via KnowmadsMusic on youtube

Braille has a video listening session for "Native Lungs" that looks interesting.Braille

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