Sunday, June 5, 2011

May Retrospective

I finally got my Sasquatch posts written, ran out of gas a bit towards the end but that's OK.

Great memories this month!

Tea Cozies ripping it up at the Vera Project:

Aqueduct grinding out killer songs that same night:

That was an excellent show!

Turpentines were fun

Plenty of good Vera music to choose from, and I also saw massive numbers of bands over Memorial Day weekend at Sasquatch at the gorge.

Death Cab, this one always makes me think of my Dad, and now it will make me think of Mom and Dad - with the silence line it fits them as a couple even better. Give my love to Dad when you see him, Mom.

I think this is Pepper Rabbit.

The Antlers

The Globes

Got my YouTube channel going with long HD video support and improved the quality of my blogs by embedding long HD videos. Saturday Sasquatch blog has 73+ minutes of video embedded in it.

Got views of the blog up to personal record levels, over 2,000 total.
YouTube channel has 3,000 views and counting.
Knowmads interview got excerpted and posted on Knowmads web site, where it got 1000 views between the 2 sections.

I saw 15 acts at the Vera Project and at Sasquatch I saw 8 on Friday, 20 on Saturday, 19 on Sunday, and only 6 on Monday. That's 53 bands at Sasquatch and 68 total for the month.

Through March I saw 60 bands/sets/performances, 49 for the first time.
In April I saw 29, 25 first time.
In May I saw 68, 62 for the first time. Repeats: Death Cab for Cutie, The Thermals, Das Racist, Mad Rad, Iron & Wine, Seattle Rock Orchestra.

Through May I have seen 157 bands, 136 for the first time.

That works out to 31.4 bands a month. If only I could keep that rate up! 12*31.4 = 376.8, more than a band a day. Things are slowing down with family obligations and international travel taking some time and attention, so I suspect I'll end up somewhere in the mid to upper two hundred range, rather than 365+, but you never know, I've underestimated the rate before.

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