Saturday, May 21, 2011

Seacats CD Release with Aqueduct, Tea Cozies, Seacats and Elk

Excellent Friday night show at the Vera Project with Aqueduct and Tea Cozies putting on great sets with Seacats and Elk opening for them.

First up was Elk, dude use to be in Seacats:
Elk 053
He did a Beattles cover and I enjoyed his version of "Whoa Whoa Whoa Hey Hey Hey" - my son loves that song, so do I.

Next up was Seacats
Tea Cozies 006
I saw them at the Veracity show last year, and Ben saw them do an outdoor show at the center outside the EMP.
Got a fair amount on video, Ben saw more of it and enjoyed the show, I liked the songs I saw.
Guitar oriented up tempo rock, the new stuff sounds good!

Tea Cozies came on next and kicked ass! The two women are sort of co-lead performers. The one on the left sang and played guitar, the one on the right sang and played keyboard, guitar and tambourine, with a dude on bass and another on drums.
Tea Cozies 020
Excellent performance, the video came out well, capturing the band putting on an energetic show

They took risks musically, and even songs like this one with it's odd repeated nonsense vocal hook that at first I wasn't sure about ended up getting me by the second verse.

Enjoyable upbeat bouncy fast rock sound.

Aqueduct came on for the finale and I was wondering if they'd be up to it after the inspired set by Tea Cozies.
Aqueduct 014

They were more than up to it, putting on a great hour long set of punchy songs with interesting hooks, great vocal and instrumental performances and an attentive audience eating it up. The first song on this video is on fire, the second one kicks too!

Talented vocal performance, well written music gets under your skin immediately, quite a memorable performance.
I got a bit of the end of this song, here it is in HD:

Something about the sound Aqueduct gets, the vocals and instrumentals, the sound they combine to create, was just awesome, buzzing with emotion and engaging our feelings, quite enjoyable.

Excellent show, Tea Cozies and Aqueduct put on as good a show musically as any I've seen all year, and the warm up bands were local favorites that we were glad to see again.

Here's to good sales for the Seacats CD, we got our copy! Ben's got it on heavy rotation and it's holding up well.

Addendum: the POP! Stereo blog from FL or UK has a download of Dead Man's Sister by the Tea Cozies. Several others had it too.

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