Sunday, June 5, 2011

Monday at Sasquatch

I started out Monday wondering if I could arrange to stay later so I could see more bands. Reality had other plans for me.

My cell phone never worked on site, so after failing to get in touch with my wife Friday night to let her know we had arrived and were fine I borrowed Nick's phone and called her Saturday morning.

On Sunday she sent Nick a message telling me I should probably head home sooner rather than later - Nick got the message and told me early Monday. With my mom just out of the hospital, I knew why; we had been waiting for some details on her diagnosis. I checked in and arranged to leave with an even earlier car - one of the screen print demo guys had to get home early enough to work the next day, so I went with him and a couple of other Vera people.
Leaving early drastically reduced the number of bands I got on Monday, and I loaned out my Flip which it turns out does a much better job on loud audio, especially loud bass.

I was also quite distracted, so I didn't get as many bands and don;t have much useful video for Monday.

Young Evils
Sasquatch Mon1 011

Sasquatch Mon 019

Noah and the Whale
Sasquatch Mon1 003
or maybe this is Noah and the Whale, but if so then what was that?
Sasquatch Mon 014
Maybe one of those was Head Like a Kite, I'm obviously not sure.

Old 97s
Sasquatch Mon1 024

I'm not sure who some of these are, the news about my mom was quite distracting so I got pictures but have no memory of taking them.
Sasquatch Mon 003

I may have seen more than six bands, but this was definitely the day of the show where I wanted to actually make a record of some sort, since my memory fails completely under this sort of stress.

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