Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday at Sasquatch

Dropped off at the Vera Project early Friday to wait for my ride to the gorge. After a little applied tetris we got most of the luggage packed, tossed the last little bit in the bushes, and headed out.

The trip east went pretty well with some mild diversions that made us a little late but close enough to schedule. After sorting out our parking and getting colored paper bracelets we headed in to the site.
Sasqautch Friday 066
The booths got set up and the chalk came out.
Sasqautch Friday 091
...and the booth was open for business.
Sasqautch Friday 095

After a while the doors opened and the audience started trickling in, and pretty soon the music started.
Rival Schools kicked things off.
Rival Schools Sasqautch 2011 Friday cropped compressed
Good dramatic sound, punchy and interesting.

Next I nipped over to the Yeti stage, pretty much right next door, to see Mariachi El Bronx. Turns out it was a Mariachi set by the Bronx. This probably ended up being the most memorable music of the day, not sure what that means.

Sasqautch Friday 141
After Rival Schools I saw Mariachi El Bronx, which is the Bronx doing Mariachi, and doing it well. This performance stuck with me more than anything else on Friday.

Next up was Biffy Clyro
Sasqautch Friday 160
Fast guitar oriented power trio, good stuff.

Next was Bob Mould playing the first Sasquatch stage show of the festival.
Sasqautch Friday 201
The black backing on the stage blocks the view so you can't see the gorge.

Sasqautch Friday 204
Against Me played back at the Bigfoot stage.

Sasqautch Friday 234
The Bronx played their normal (non-mariachi) set next.

Back to the main Sasquatch stage for the two remaining acts, first up was Death From Above.
I saw them put on an interesting set, they've got a drummer all in a white with dyed blond hair and a bassist all in black with lots of dark hair and facial hair. The bass player did a fair amount of high end 12th or higher fret playing and the drummer sang, quite different and interesting. Somehow I ended up without any pictures from it so far, I'll keep looking. I did get some video, though.

The final act was Foo Fighters.

They played a fun, loud set. It was somewhat old school - overly loud, distorted, not just one but two drum solos, typical over the top rock and roll foolishness, which never gets old.

Friday has the fewest bands, but eight was enough to keep me busy checking things out well into the night. I'm not quite sure how I ended up with no Death From Above footage, but otherwise it went pretty well.

One day down, three to go. Next up is Saturday, the first full day of programming.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading about your Sasquatch experience! It was my first time going to the festival (it's pretty far away from me) and I loved it. I only have my Friday and Saturday blogs up right now but check back later this week for my recount of Sunday and Monday, maybe it will make you feel like you were there for more of Monday.