Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday at Sasquatch

After a thin Friday and an awesome Saturday I got somewhat better sleep mostly because I was exhausted but partially because it didn't get quite so flippin' cold overnight.

Sleep was only so so, I just don't do that well on the ground, so I was pretty tired. Lots of good bands on the schedule though, so we headed in, found a field mouse, and setup the booths after I got the mouse in a box and took him up the hill side before letting him go.

Typhoon took the early slot on the Bigfoot stage
Sasquatch Sun2 006

Caught some of Cotton Jones on the Yeti stage.
Sasquatch Sun2 007

Smith and Westerns played the Sasquatch stage
Sasquatch Sun2 019
The Smith and Westerns song Weekend was a standout:

The Drums put on a great set, interesting sound, fun to listen to. The lead vocalist is cute, and the keyboard player does this sort of air conducting thing that's endearing. I thought I was going to get to interview these guys, but it fell through.
Sasquatch Sun2 040
Lets Go Surfing has a good hook, fun bounce, pretty much a perfect pop gem.

This one has a similar bouncy upbeat sound, but the lyric isn't as upbeat. Still has a nice hook and a good sense of play.

Got back up the hill in time to see the Moondoggies
Sasquatch Sun2 050

S. Carey on the Bigfoot stage
Sasquatch Sun2 058

Then over to Other Lives on the Yeti stage
Sasquatch Sun2 064
Nice use of instruments, the horn and fiddle sections are nice, I always like cellos, good build and progression in the song, lots to like here. So many good bands, the details are starting to get lost in the noise almost. Yet another great song by another talented band.

I enjoy the sound and the visual appeal is good too.
Sasquatch Sun2 081

Tokyo Police Club was fun, took me a while to locate my video for them though.
Sasquatch Sun2 095

Reggie Watts!
Sasquatch Sun2 098

I only saw a bit of his show, but it was memorable, riffing off the sandwich and other topics. Red Bull shout out is memorable. Very stream of consciousness, I hope I see more Reggie Watts, and sooner rather than later.

Sam Roberts band, no video
Sasquatch Sun2 103

Archers of Loaf
Sasquatch Sun4 002
I didn't find any good video from my devices, so here's some from someone else who posted it on youtube.

City and Colour, I'm fairly sure.
Sasquatch Sun Afternoon 002

Mad Rad, early (Buffalo Madonna still has his shirt on)
Sasquatch Sun Afternoon 012
I got video of Mad Rad but the bass overwhelms my DSLR camera's microphone so it's pretty hard to listen to.

I went to take a photo of the sunset and a dude from the premium ticket section (they have a tap of microbrew beer in there, as he helpfully shows us) decided to customize the picture. It kind of works for me in an ironic way now.
Sasquatch Sun5 013
Flogging Molly was a crowd favorite.
Sasquatch Sun5 016
...and I finally got a good sunset photo without the beer
Sasquatch Sun5 020

Next was Das Racist, one of my favorite hip hop/classic jazz outfits
Sasquatch Sun5 022
Second time I've seen them, always enjoy their shows. High energy, fast rapping lyrics with wit and something to say.

Gayngs put on a good set.
Sasquatch Sun5 050

Finally I headed down to the amphitheater stage one last time for the Flaming Lips. Nobody does spectacle like these guys!
Sasquatch Sun5 071
Beautiful music too.

Sasquatch Sun5 084

I got some pictures of Flying Lotus on the Banana Stage.
Sasquatch Sun5 097

Caught a bit of Yeasayer too
Sasquatch Sun5 111

Modest Mouse was the actual headliner later that night, but I was tiring out rapidly and would end up going to bed before they hit the stage.

I managed to see an awesome amount of music on Sunday, but I also managed to miss quite a bit of good stuff too. Oh well, I was definitely wearing down as the festival went on. I counted 19 bands documented in today's post, not bad for a tired 50 year old dude sleeping on the ground. On the other hand I skipped Modest Mouse, so I'm not as robust as I once was. All in all it was another awesome day at Sasquatch.

One last night sleeping on the ground, then the plan was most of a day of shows with an 8 PM exit - missing Wilco and other good performances, dang. I asked around about possibly going later, but things outside of my control ended up pushing in the opposite direction. More about that on tomorrow's blog.

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