Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Plan for music in 2012

I've been thinking about New Years Resolutions (NYR) as 2012 starts. Last year I resolved to see more shows and blog about them with videos and pictures and that worked out quite well. I'll continue blogging about the shows I make it to, but I probably won't get quite so psycho about it. Bear in mind going to a Veracity show plus a Vera show each month, plus Bumbershoot and probably the Capitol Hill Block Party, Folk Life Festival and maybe West Seattle Festival and Reverb Fest is cutting way back, probably more like 200 in 2012, rather than the 380+ of 2011. I already volunteered for the Knowmads show at the Vera on Saturday, I'm running the monthly Veracity show tonight and I plan on attending (and performing at) the Vera Project Open Mic next Wednesday.

I want to play more music, so each month I'm going to try to learn a new song with my son Ben (who is studying guitar) and also memorize one of my favorites (probably mostly Neil Young, the Who, or the Beatles) so I don't need the sheet music. Working out favorites so we don't need music can and should involve Dana, Carina and Ben on occasion so we can make it a family affair. Heather has a great voice, so getting to practice or perform with her is a bonus. Getting the extended circle involved (Jan, Greg, Dan, etc) is even better.

I want to perform more, so I plan on doing at least something every few months. Open mic nights are the most likely venue for this, with maybe a bit of karaoke mixed in. Live music performances in public are worth bonus points; as the Veracity chair I can arrange something if I get a band with material together.

I get to contribute to a MIDI controlled musical robot that Trimpin is building. I'll post some details on that if I can find anything interesting to say about it.

I'd like to learn more about music production so I plan on signing Ben and I (and maybe Dana and any other kids who want to) up for the Vera Project's sound classes.

I want to record some music, so I'll fiddle about with recording Ben & myself if we can work out songs together, and myself (or even the wife and kids and I) playing our favorite covers. I'd like to make both with video and audio recordings.

I should try my hand at writing some songs. I've written a few in the past, and with more playing and practicing planned I can mix that in with my recording goals and try to get some samples/demo level stuff. Submitting some recordings is a stretch goal here.

My friends Jan, Greg and Dan all play music so I should look for opportunities to play with them. Recording them would be cool too!

I'm around musicians at the Vera all the time, but I'm usually too bashful to bring up playing together. Maybe I can overcome that hump in 2012, we'll see.

Some non-music aspects of my NYR bear on this: I want to get in better shape and lose some weight so that I have more energy and get more done. A regular schedule helps - I can plan in Wii Fit workouts and music practice sessions too. More structure and planning are called for!

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