Saturday, December 31, 2011

December Retrospective

The year is winding down and I only saw one show in December, the Veracity show. My best attended Veracity show yet with all the credit going to the bands: the Now & Thens, Trimtab and the Bridge and the Beat.

The Bridge and the Beat December Veracity 3
Trimtab December Veracity 5
The Now & Thens December Veracity 11

After Christmas I took my guitar to the cabin in Dungeness and when I played it out by the bluff by my Mom's remains a bald eagle flew up and screamed as it landed in a tree a little further to the West on the bluff. I played a bit more and it screamed again and flew off, and the red tailed hawk starting making a racket. I enjoyed the experience and I felt like I was sharing it with mom on some level.
New Year 106

So I only was 3 public performances at the Veracity show in December and the year wound down petty quietly on the music front. For the year that pencils out to 388 performances, 373 if I don't count the 15 that I saw "live streamed" over the internet. Petty awesome year in music, I ended up with 647 videos on my YouTube channel, which got 27,400 views. I posted 102 entries on my blog, almost 2 a week, and got 8,200 views. Almost too much good music to single anything out - but some things stood out, lilke seeing one my new favorite bands the Globes:

Shows in bars like Ryan LaPlante

and piles of shows at the Vera Project

The festivals let me really pile up the performances and I saw an insane variety of great shows at Sasquatch

I could go on, but this is turning into more than a December retrospective. I've still got most of the festivals and a few other shows to cover, and I should pick a few top ten lists, I'll link to those posts as I get around to blogging them.

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