Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 In Review

My December Retrospective also turned into a look back at the first few months of 2011 up to Sasquatch. That was a great start to the year, and the rate of shows shot up as festival season arrived. CHBP was awesome, so many bands!
Ra Ra Riot was good, I downloaded a sampler of their music in 2010 that I enjoyed and the live show was solid fun.

Constant Lovers were good

Lisa Dank was fun

My Goodness!


TacocaT! finally saw them, I knew they were going to be good because their name is a palindrome. Sure enough, they were awesome.

and that's only a fraction of the fun music and talent at the Capitol Hill Block Party.

We ended the Summer with Bumbershoot. Once again, almost too much good music.
Brite Futures ruled stadium shows, who knew? I'd seen them at the Vera in the Spring, now they had a 10,000+ person dance party in the Key.

Kris Orloski ruled

Champagne Champagne was one of the year's consistently good hip-hop outfits.


Also, check out about :30 into this one

Dave's principle of lousy videos for great shows: the best shows make me bounce in spite of myself and the videos end up shakey and hard to take. I'd say sorry, except I'm not, I'll take a lousy video because the band was busy kicking my butt into frantic dancing any day, those are the shows you remember most fondly. OK, that's some of the fun stuff from the first day.

Next day had so much good music

Mad Rad killed all year on 2 numbers: Life On Part Mountain

...and You Only Live Once, worth the hall of fame for the air piano alone, and the song is a kick.

Words fail me, I saw a boatload of great music in 2011 and had a great time doing it.

Next up I give some love to local acts and I've still got to do my Top 10 Lists blog.

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