Sunday, January 8, 2012

Knowmads, Chev, Ilumminatrz, Jamil Suleiman, John Eklof, Fre$h and DJ Same at the Vera Project

Knowmads capped off a fun night of hip hop at the Vera Project. DJ Same kicked things off, spinning some interesting music.
Knowmads 004
I was working green room security so I made sure nobody was smoking or drinking; I only had to confiscate one joint. With the reentry policy it's nice to see the audience is smart enough to keep the smoking out of the venue.
Tom Pepe and Jamil Suleman made a bief early appearance.
Knowmads 008
They had a spittin' contest, I enjoy those!
Knowmads 016
Fre$h put on a good crisp show, fast cadence with frequent rests.
Knowmads 028

Jamil Suleiman put on a solid show, I like the sound and the flow.
Knowmads 044
Jamil raps over Tom Wilson beat boxing on the first 1:20 of this, then some party life music that gets the crowd going
Illuminatrz are next on the set list so this should be them (I could be wrong):
Props for using live keyboards, nice!

Chevy was the final act on the set list before Knowmads, so this is Chevy (again, I could be wrong):

Good dense rapping, half sung chorus here and there, reasonably complex songs, nice stuff. I have another Chevy video on my youtube channel. The linked video is hand held, which has good and bad points. Most of the rest are from a tripod on the balcony.

Knowmads tore it up, two or three hundred kids showed up to see them and they came through with classic renditions of favorites like Saturdayzed:

and Wildflower (sorry about the marginal audio), another hand held, this time with the digital SLR with mic that overloads too easily:

They also tried some Knewbook stuff out.

It's nice to see the Knewbook material shaping up, I have some more on youtube. I've been a Knowmads fan since the first time I saw them, these kids bring a crowd and put on a hell of a show! Tom Wilson has one of the best voices in local rap, something that gets overlooked frequently. Pepe and Wilson always freestyle a little, and they can't help turning up in opening act numbers too. Throw in a good crowd sourced spittin' contest and the spontaneity, creativity and crowd involvement and the results are an energetic kick ass show. Excellent stuff, I hope it bodes well for 2012!

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