Monday, October 3, 2011

Sleeper Agent and Us On Roofs at the Vera Project

I steered the Sleeper Agent/Us On Roofs show at the Vera Project this Sunday. We had a good crew show up, enough volunteers to handle front door and concessions, plus a shadow (she's learning to steer, so she "shadows" me, the regular steering guy). Having a shadow means I get to have her do some of the steering overhead so I can watch more of the show and it's easier to film and take pictures.

Oct 078I got the video camera setup and filmed Us On Roofs's fun tight set, these guys rock out! Double guitars, bass and drums with nicely complex music very well performed.
The camera on the catwalk gives a more stable but less intimate view:

Sleeper Agent was quite appealing visually and their music kicked ass.
Oct 106
I also got a huge amount of video of Sleeper Agent. In addition to a tripod mounted Flip on the catwalk filming just about all of the set I filmed 3 songs with the DSLR and another couple with a hand-held Flip on the floor, so several songs are recorded twice from different POV.
Sleeper Agent had 2 guitars, bass, keyboards, female lead vocalist, and drums. One of the guitarist was a co-lead vocalist to some degree, and the drummer and bass player and keys all had mics too, I think.
Here's a tighter shot of the 2 "co-lead" vocalists, they're the focus during the performance, mostly.
Oct 110
The red headed red bearded bass player drew attention both for his appearance (loved the red!) and his excellent bass skills, most of their music had that driving bass powered feel that just gets you bouncing and sweating, this is not music that lets you hold still!
Oct 111
The lead guitarist was pretty talented too, but he was very quiet about it, mostly strumming and picking away but not moving much.
The keyboard player was kind of back and to the side, a little hard to see, but he actually was pretty lively during the performance.
The drummer was fun, kinetic, and a little loud, perfect in a drummer. He was also hairy and a bit messy, which also is pretty much perfect in a drummer. You get a pretty good look at him here, along with a good view of the singer in motion:
Oct 134

Here's the hand held POV fairly up close, I manage to cut out the keyboard and the lead guitarist pretty consistently.
Nice sound, great preformance. Here's another great Sleeper Agent song:

There's quite a bit more video on youtube, and I still have more to process and upload. Fun show, two excellent bands!

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