Saturday, October 8, 2011

West Seattle House Show

Jan teaches piano and guitar and more than half the family has taken lessons from her; Ben is currently taking guitar in Jr. High and supplementing with lessons from Jan so he's making great progress.

Jan writes her own songs and music and has been practicing with some friends for a while now but they hadn't performed live yet. She finally got around to playing a house show in West Seattle this weekend and I got to setup and run the sound for them. Cool!

The house is attractive and it has an amazing view of Elliot Bay and downtown Seattle, along with an interesting if less beautiful view of the container port too. The band setup in the corner by the windows and rehearsed early in the afternoon:
Jan Z house party 004
We hooked up 3 microphones (2 vocal and one for an acoustic guitar), 2 guitar inputs, and Jan's electric keyboard so we used 6 of the 8 available channels. I improvised a wire to connect Jan's home stereo speaker up to the monitor out so we were able to provide vocal and guitar back to the performers so they could hear each other - the piano was pretty much loud enough directly. I was pleased with the sound; while it may not have been perfect you could at least hear all of the instruments and there wasn't horrible feedback or disruption of the performance due to inability to hear or anything like that.
Jan Z house party 042
The performance was at night and the downtown Seattle sky line was a great backdrop.

Jan Z house party 063

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