Thursday, October 13, 2011

Two Sisters Gallery Opening and October Veracity Show With Usury and Max Williams

The Vera Project puts on art exhibits in the lobby of the Vera Project every month and has an "opening night" reception with snacks and (usually) some or all of the artists. The October opening was on October 12, the second Wednesday - which is also Veracity Night.
Oct13 025
The art installation was cool and attendance was high.

Tristan booked the bands, a couple of singer/acoustic guitarists. First up was Usury, who recently got to Seattle (in a roundabout way) from Montana, originally.
Oct13 012
Nice voice, nice guitar work, good rhythms and interplay between the voice and guitar. The crowd is large, estimated at 170 due to the gallery show and pretty chatty.

Good professional set - he keeps his focus on performing his songs with a somewhat disconnected audience. The atmosphere was a little more like a bar than the typical Veracity show, usually we get a much smaller audience right up front watching quietly and intently, but we usually don't have the gallery opening at the same time. Usury has some songs on bandcamp worth listening to as well.

Max Williams was the headliner.
Oct13 016
He was good natured about the audience.

Nice playing, good focus and an interesting instrumental break at the end, nice stuff. He played a good solid set of intensely personal songs, this one has some good dynamics in the vocals and guitar both.

Max gives a shout out to his band "Legion of Sparrows" at the end and mentions their kickstarter, check it out if you're interested.
We had a huge group of students from Cornish and as I said the audience was mildly inattentive to the bands, which made it harder for them to keep the intensity up to some degree, but both acts proved to be up to the challenge.

It was nice to see such a large audience at the Vera, it was fun and rewarding putting the event on for such a large crowd.


  1. Wow!! This art exhibition seems quite awesome. Good to know about the opening. Recently I attended a bridal expo at one of Chicago event venues. It was really amazing to be a part of that event. Everything was perfectly done there.