Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupy Seattle on Columbus Day

On Monday October 10 I was at Westlake Mall while Occupy Seattle was in progress in the plaza across the street. I stepped out onto the balcony to take a look:

The nearest group was a group advocating abolishing Columbus Day with the occupiers behind them, further from the mall.
Normally I wouldn't blog about this on my music blog, except that I ran into some guys playing music:

So I saw a performance of songs from "Street Songs" on the street in Seattle during a protest, definitely an interesting "venue" for a performance. I was happy to see it, I suspect music used to be a larger part of organizing than it is today. I'm mostly basing that on some great songbooks of old labor songs I've seen, not mention all the great protest songs.
The occupiers were cranking out signs too:

They have some infrastructure dedicated to the signs. I had to take a moment to highlight my favorite:

As we left by car we looped back south of Westlake so we could come north with the one way traffic and get a view of the protesters and their signs on the plaza:

So being a protest tourist allowed me to catch another performance, bringing me to 376 performances so far this year, 310 of them for the first time (adding in the 2 from the Veracity/Gallery Opening and the 373 running total as of the end of Reverb).

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