Friday, August 10, 2012

August Veracity with Camp 10, Sea of Teeth and Watusa or maybe Watusi

We had Joey Lyon as a "guest booker" for the August Veracity show and he put together an interesting lineup with three bands, heavy on guitars.

First up was a fairly thrashy band that had just renamed themselves something like "Watusa" (at least that's what it sounded like, maybe it was Watusi; I didn't get it in writing).

Whatever their name was, the had a classic power trio instrumental lineup (guitar, bass and drums) and a lead vocalist with an occasional bit of backing vocals. Summer 2012 016Their between song patter was also pretty funny, although I only got a bit of that on video.

I like the energy, haven't heard enough thrashy punky hardcore music recently.

Next up was The Sea of TeethSummer 2012 023
Sorry for the doubled image, my camera work was a bit off.
The Sea of Teeth played a regular show in the main room over the weekend so this was their second Vera Project show in a week. They mentioned that their bass player was unable to make this show. I missed their weekend show so now I'm curious what they sound like with a bass player, anyway here's what they sound like without a bass:Good fast guitar oriented rock, fast drummer and pretty tight rhythms, fun hard core sound.

The last set was by Camp 10, another power trio with the guitarist doing vocals and the bassist occasionally doing a bit of backup vocals. Summer 2012 025
Their sound was less thrashy with an occasional quiet bit, and vocals that were sung rather than screamed, but the tempo was still fast and the rhythms were interesting.
It was interesting hearing 3 different takes on fast powerful rock and roll and I enjoyed getting to listen to the bands Joey booked, very nice show! Joey will be booking another show in October, this time with his and playing too I believe, so I'm looking forward to that.

I'll be booking the September show and a new Veracity chair is spinning up so she may be booking from November on, although I'm not sure. It's been a blast chairing the Veracity committee and I plan on continuing to support the committee, I definitely plan on attending the shows and posting videos and blogs. Free show every month usually with cheap vegan food - Veracity is still the best value available in local music. Check it out if you haven't yet!

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