Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kevin Montgomery and Ruth Trimble at a house Party

Our friends Katy and Greg invited us to a house show by Kevin Montgomery and Ruth Trimble in Kirkland so we headed over to a beautiful home next to Bridal Trails for some excellent food and drinks followed by some beautiful music for a great cause. Kevin Montgomery has a dry self-deprecating sense of humor but his music is wonderful, and his roots (he covered his Dad's songs with Buddy Holly from before the Crickets, I had no idea!) were wonderful.

I only videotaped a few songs, this is "Some Comfort" Beautiful song, but the lighting is too dim.

The show managed to put me through an emotional wringer, though. Kevin was raising money for foster kids who age out of the foster care system, and a few years back Dana and I fostered a kid for 9 months. It was one of the most challenging things I've ever done, and it really made me realize I'm not as good at parenting as I had thought I was. We helped our foster child in many ways, but the way the state pulled him back in and refused to allow us to ever contact him again was amazingly painful, it felt like losing a child. Hell, it was losing a child and I never completely recovered from that. Kevin played a video with kids and advocates in the foster care system and it was wrenching. I have to tip my hat to Kevin, he's fighting for something I believe in, helping kids who really need help, and I love him for his efforts. It was tough watching the video though, I had to leave the room to dry my eyes, it brought back too much of our own heartbreaking experience.

Kevin's songs resonated with me, sweet and aching stuff, made me think of parallels in my own life - any song that speaks to my own experiences that well is powerful!

As if that wasn't enough remembered love and pain, his musical partner for the show was Ruth Trimble and she did a song that totally blew me away called "Things I Want To Say" that was beautiful and moving and made me think of my parents, especially my mother who died just over a year ago. Achingly sad and beautiful song, but I didn't manage to get it on video. Sigh. I did get this one, I think it's called "Let You Go"

Two very talented musicians making beautiful music together in a gorgeous setting with wonderful company, food, and wine, and Dana and I also got to see a local favorite earlier in the day, truly we are blessed to an unreasonable degree and it was a peak experience sharing this house show with my wife and Greg and Katy.

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