Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fly Moon Royalty at Goddess Fest

Fly Moon Royalty is one of my favorite local bands, an "electro-soul duo" that I managed to catch at Bumbershoot last year and also at a free KEXP show at the Mural Amphitheater. They combine the amazing vocals of Adra Boo with the piano/synth/sequencing of Action Jackson along with his tasty raps in some songs. I keep an eye out for their shows, and Saturday I saw they were doing a free set at Goddess Fest in lower Woodland Park. Amazingly enough for having grown up in Seattle and hung out 1/4 mile away in Greenlake countless times, not to mention many trips to Woodland Park Zoo when I was a kid and then again with my kids, I never managed to get to lower Woodland Park - until Fly Moon Royalty's set.

We already had plans to see a house show with our friends Katy and Greg later, but we managed to squeeze a trip to Goddess Fest in for the 4:20 set after the vegan buffet at Arrays in the U District and a visit to check out UW Surplus (awesome for neds like me, where else can you see genomic analyzers for only $250k? They have two!).

They have quite a few songs I like including Lemonade and Roxy:

They have many other memorable songs that I enjoy, and by the end of the set they had quite a few couples up dancing. They gave us a choice for the last song, and I really wanted to see them do "Baby Got Back" so you can hear me in the intro lobbying for my choice. I caught that song on video, which makes me very happy, so I'll end the blog with that:

Great song, and the day was just getting started! Next was a house show in Kirkland...

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