Friday, November 4, 2011

October Retrospective

October is in the books, 10 of 12 months are complete and the year is rushing to a close. Wow!

The pace slowed down a bit once I got past Reverb Fest, and with no more festivals on the radar the pace will stay slowed down, but I still managed to see some excellent performances.

Sleeper Agent was great fun too:

and Shellac kicked ass!

...and that's just a few of the Vera acts, I also saw like 20+ performances at Reverb Fest in early October - an incredible value, less than 50 cents per act.

All kinds of quality local and regional acts.

Great fun, although our feet and legs got sore from dashing back and forth between venues and the stairs up into the Eagles venue eventually made me skip some acts I would've like to see, oh well.
I've managed to reach well over 365 total performances, but 15 of those were streamed over the Internet from the Nirvana 20th Anniversary benefit show - they perhaps shouldn't count. If I take those out I only have 363 performances through October.

I still need to 2 more to reach 365, so Ser.0 probably gets to be my 365th performance of the year.

I'll go to a few additional shows like Future Islands at the Vera and the December Veracity and Open Mic shows so I should get a bit above 370 without trying much.

I could see an additional dozen or so at the Vera if i worked at it, and there are always some free music opportunities around Christmas, but I've been tapering it down some for a few weeks. I'll see plenty more bands, but getting to huge numbers was a bit grueling. I'll mostly coast from here on out, thank you very much!

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