Sunday, November 13, 2011

Future Islands, Ed Schrader's Music Beat and Sports at the Vera Project

Saturday was a busy day, I had to run down to the Vera Project early in the afternoon to report to the Vera Project board meeting as the Veracity chair, then I checked out the "Short Run" small book publisher's fair while I was there.
Future Islands 002
The picture above is just a small area, they had tables up all over the venue in the lobby and the show room, plus animations showing back in the green room. I ended up buying a few interesting zines and comics, then heading home to pick up Ben and his friends to head down to the evening show. I was steering and the boys were all volunteering. We had a big crew of volunteers so the boys weren't working too hard for sure!
Future Islands 037
The music was good and the crowd was reasonably large and engaged - we got more dancing at this show than we usually get, which always makes me enjoy the show more.

The first band to take the stage was Sports.
Future Islands 054
Sports had a nice dancey vibe, quite enjoyable, and it kept the audience moving.

The drummer had a minimal set, one cymbal, a snare and a bass drum, but he worked the heck out of it. I commented to some of the volunteers on how minimal the drums were, but the next band topped that pretty easily!
Future Islands 066
Ed Schrader's Music Beat had a dude playing one drum and singing and a bass player, a pretty minimal setup.

They got a solid full sound for such a minimal setup, which was cool. The lighting effect with the single light under the drum was interesting too. I looked them up on YouTube ahead of time and listened to "I Can't Stop Eating Sugar" which was a fun song:

Next Future Islands took the stage for the headline set.
Future Islands 068
They had a slightly non-standard lineup, with a guitarist, a keyboard, and a singer. They used sequencers for the drums, I assume.

They had an interesting lighting setup with floodlights in various colors around the stage, occasionally it's hard to see what's going on on the videos. Interesting sound, the vocalist has a good range of tones available to him which drew my attention. The vocalist also had some different moves, frequently squatting down pretty low which made him a bit hard to see from the audience on occasion, but he drew your eye and kept your attention.

So I saw a good variety of interesting stuff at the Vera; I'm not sure exactly what you call the music from the last 2 acts, but I definitely enjoyed it, and so did the audience. They hung around a fair bit after the show, visiting with the bands and buying merchandise, so everyone went home happy - I like it when things go well.

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