Friday, November 4, 2011

November Open Mic Night at the Vera Project

First Wednesday in November - the second - was Open Mic Night in the lobby of the Vera Project. It's a simple free event, people can sign up to perform from around 7 on, with the performances starting at 7:30. Attendance is light and the PA setup is minimal, a single mic channel is usualy all we need.
Halloween 052
Most of the music at the Open Mic is a singer/guitarist and tonight was no exception. We had a nice cover of Green Grass and Tumbleweeds by a talented acoustic guitarist/singer:

Very well done, nice song.

Halloween 059
Our MC was good, getting a solid chunk of love for assorted Vera programming options in quickly between acts.

The Dave he's introducing is me. I came up and told an old Neptune Theater story.

Halloween 060
Julia (she runs Open Mics and chairs Programming) was up next giving us some background and the poem inspired by the experience.

We also got to hear a recent composition done as poetry, the rhythms make me think of hip hop and rock a bit and I figure he's probably working towards a song with the material.

Nice work. We only got 4 acts so it went by pretty quickly. We'll have to see what we can do about getting more participation, the more the merrier!

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