Sunday, November 13, 2011

November Veracity

The November Veracity was the second show I've ever booked and it turned out well. We got three different interesting acts.
Early November 026
First up was "Seven Diels". I had originally booked 2 bands, then Tristan (the regular booker for the Vera project) got an e-mail on Monday from the kids in Seven Diels asking about getting booked for a show, which he forwarded to me. The link to them performing on YouTube (see above link) was interesting and they were very young - in the 12 to 15 year old range. I offered them a slot on Wednesday - 2 days later - and they were happy to take it.
They played with a power trio lineup - guitar, bass and drums. The girl played guitar and sang while her brother's played bass and drums.

Amazingly tight for such a young band, interesting slow building songs The video is a little messed up though, it looks like my lens was dirty. Dang.
All of their songs were originals, too! When I checked their YouTube video on Monday and saw they were young, local, and doing original songs, I also sent them a link to the EMP Sound-Off contest, they seem like a natural fit for that. Unfortunately Monday was the closing day for applications to compete early next year, so I figured it was probably too late. I was wrong though, they got the application completed including a few songs in a matter of hours, which was pretty impressive.

Next up was Messiah Complex. David Lewis plays bass with them and he's a Vera Member so it was nice getting them to play the venue.
Early November 061
Messiah Complex is a heavy metal band with some of the screamish style vocals:

Once again a power trio arrangement, although heavier and thrashier than Seven Diels. Good music, nice beat, I enjoyed their set. I've always been fond of fast hard heavy metal, I grew up listening to it way back when.
There are plenty more songs from Seven Diels, Messiah Complex and Ser.0 (the final act) available on my YouTube channel if you want to check them out.

As I mentioned, the final act was Ser.0. My daughter's roommate is the guitarist and I had them play a Veracity show in the Spring, so this was their second Veracity show. All 3 members of the band are from Mexico City originally, and the drummer just got back from an interesting trip to Mexico - I was able to see some of the highlights in pictures on his Facebook page.
Early November 098
Yet another power trio - I guess that was the unintended theme of the night! They were somewhere between Seven Diels and Messiah Complex in approach: not metal and thrashy like Messiah Complex, but not quite as spacey and gentle as Seven Diels.

The Heather and Carina referred to in the intro are my kids, and Benito is my son in law, so I find the patter amusing. Here's another song they played:

I'm not sure I'm spelling the title correctly, but I enjoy the song.

Ser.0 has new songs that they haven't had a chance to practice yet with the drummer since he got back from Mexico so they did their older tunes at this show. They sound excited about the new material, hopefully I can catch them playing it at some point and post that!

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