Monday, May 2, 2011

April Retrospective

Finally had a nice weekend and a really nice Sunday, after taking a car load of teens and working the Knowmads show on the last day of April it was nice to take a few walks with the kids and the dog and get the lawn mowed on Sunday. Coldest April on record, and lots of odd late snow, not too sorry to see the weather go, but I'm a little sorry to see all the good shows I managed to catch fading into the rear view mirror!

I saw 29 bands, interviewed a band, and also attended a dance party with the 2 DJs from Lick spinning disks, 4 DJs or more once you add in the Knowmads show. That's the most bands in a month so far this year. In May I'll see way fewer shows, but one of the shows is Sasquatch Fest, so I'll probably set a new personal best for bands seen in a month, at least for 2011. I never kept all that close count for all those old Bumbershoot weekend passes, so there's some doubt, but I should definitely document more than I ever have before.

Of the 29 bands and acts and 4+ DJs, I'd seen 4 bands (Brite Futures, Silicon Girls, Knowmads and Real Rogers) and 1 DJ (the Knowmad's show DJ, I think he said he's from Trinidad at a prior show).

Highlights of the month:
Hanging out with my son Ben at the Craft Spells show early in the month

The immense variety of musical approaches, from the non-stop party central dancing of Brite Futures the thoughtful offbeat hard rocking Titus Andronicus set

to Danielson and Karl Blau to the multiple sold out shows like Brite Futures and STRFKR with the packed in energetic audiences.

Knowmads coming back for a benefit and also giving me an interview.

The sheer quantity and variety of music has been amazing, so many hard working talented charismatic bands and performers - April was a great month for local music!

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