Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dyme Def Education Benefit at the Vera Project 5-19-11.

Ha the last Sasquatch Yearbook committee meeting on Thursday night - it's almost hard to believe Sasquatch is finally just about here!

After the meeting I checked out Dyme Def's benefit show. I was a little late getting there, so I;m not sure who I got on video. The show schedule listed J Pinder, SK, Mr Yukk and Dyme Def so that's who I assume is in the videos.
Dyme Def 5-19-11 001
Brief bit from this dude, I liked what I heard from him.

Dyme Def2 5-9-2011 002
Bigger crew rapping:

Mot of them got on stage for this one:

I enjoyed the beat and the audience participation, good hard working performance, glad I caught it.

As I was wrapping up Josh caught up with me and gave me a couple of passes for the Seattle International Film Festival opening gala later that evening. Carina arrived to give me a ride home so we went and checked out the free food, had a couple drinks, then Carina and I got the dancing started by being the first to start dancing for the DJ. After a song and a half another couple started dancing, then more, and critical mass was achieved: a dance party had started.
Elk 022
We ended up dancing for more than an hour, an unexpected but fun way to end the day.

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