Monday, May 2, 2011

Looking Ahead to May

I won't be attending all that many shows in May, but I'll make up for the lower number of shows by getting into Sasquatch Fest for free (sort of). I should be able to see quite a pile of bands at Sasquatch, and I also get to interview a band.

I'm contributing to the Sasquatch Fest 10th Anniversary Year Book project - a coffee table book that should be available late this year or in time for next year's Sasquatch, anyway. I'm helpimg with a group that is coming up with ideas and some content and interviewing bands at the festival, looking forward to that.

I'll make it to an occasional Vera show, of course, like the upcoming Kina Grannis show on May 14, and the May 20 Aqueduct/Tea Cozies/Sea Cats Album Release show, but I probably won't get to nearly as many Vera shows this month.

In June I'll be spending some weeks in India and also attending a family wedding out of town so the blogging frequency and number of shows will drop off quite a bit.

Hopefully in July it'll pick back up, with a little luck I can make it to the Capitol Hill Block party and there are some free outdoor shows at places like the Mural Amphitheater downtown to watch for.

I hope everybody is enjoying the Spring, hopefully the weather will improve (record cold April here in Seattle, sigh) and by the end of June we get those really long days, leading into the gorgeous July and August weather. We can hope for it, anyway.

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