Saturday, April 21, 2012

April Veracity with Madness Becomes Method, SuperProjection, Circus Boys and Br'er Sun

We got four bands booked for the April Veracity and it ended up being the best attended show I've booked with 60 people watching a great show. I enjoyed Br'er Sun had a 4 piece lineup with keys, guitar, bass and drums with the guitarist and keyboardist doing vocals. I like the way the keys provide both the spacey filler sound and the intro tubular bells sounding riff to start this song, good guitar sound and punchy drums once it gets going: Br'er Sun wrapped up their set nicely, good job getting their social network info out while they were at it. I think the song is "So Calm" I'm not sure I have the band order recorded correctly, since some of the bands swapped positions in the lineup. Hopefully I don't mis-identify any bands, I've done that before (how embarrassing!). Circus Boys had a 2 piece keyboards and drum setup and they played fun up-tempo pop rock. Their circus trick was swapping instruments: Madness Becomes Method put on a fun energetic show and they brought the lions share of the crowd. In addition to the keys, guitar, bass, drum lineup they used a variety of instruments including an accordian and a trombone depending on the song; the crowd and the lack of any elevation make them hard to pick out in the video.
Fun band with a good party vibe with the crowd it largely brought. This number has a reggae flavored rhythm guitar, and a trombone. Nice! SuperProjection was another 2 piece, this time with guitar and drums, and the guitarist sang. Good musicians, nice songs that were totally their own like this one: They also did a cover of "What A Wonderful Life" which was very nice. This is one of my top 10 songs all time, so I'm always happy to hear someone playing it. The April Veracity show was fun and went off well, but for some reason I hardly sold a taco even though the crowd was large. I sell more if some appealing young kid is sitting at the table with the $1 sign displayed prominently, not really surprising when you think about it. The bands ate plenty, the volunteers (and I) had a few, and eventually I went ahead and gave 10 or 12 away, I think only 1 got purchased. More leftovers than usual this month, anyway.

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