Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wine Walks and Music

Dana and I and some neighbors and friends went to Country Village's Wine Walk Friday night March 16th. They had an assortment of wineries pouring wine in different stores. For $25 you got 10 pours: small tastes of an interesting assortment of wines.

In addition to the wines there were small food samples too, from cheese and crackers to chocolates and even a rice salad and mini-"pig-in-a-blanket" sausages. It was fun to wander from antique store to photo studio to clothing store, drinking a couple of samples from each winery and planning to buy a few extra tickets if needed.

Many of the stores were playing music - recorded music. One venue had live music. Score!

Tasty munchies, a wide variety of interesting wines, and even live music, what a nice way to spend an evening.

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