Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Update

I was trying to do monthly retrospectives to review what I've seen and look forward a bit. Due to circumstances beyond my control (a death in the family) that plan went off the rails for a couple months.

I finally got caught back up on the Capitol Hill Block Party (except my pix from Saturday have disappeared for now) so it's time to catch up with another retrospective.

All kinds of awesome music related performance since my May retrospective and a few sad musical experiences too. The songs you hear while a loved one is passing away will take on an amazing (and somewhat painful) poignancy, at least for me. I love remembering my parents, even if it makes me cry, so in an odd way I celebrate the painfulness of hearing those songs again. More than anything else I love passion in music, and passionate performances knock me out.

Passion can be up or down - passionately angry and amazingly passionate depression are both common in some of my favorite songs. The upside of human emotion is well represented too, thank goodness. In some cases we bring our own passion and meaning to songs based on associations with events in our lives that we feel passionate about, and that's also another beautiful element of music.

I saw an amazing amount of good music over the last two and a half months, even though I was somewhat missing in action for a fair amount of it. As the saying goes, life is what happens to us while we're making other plans.

The free Veracity shows kept me supplied with some music when I wasn't really able to spend much effort on it.

I got to check out a new (to me) venue called Luther's Table and listen to a free show - somebody in the band was a friend of a friend's fiancee's kid or something like that, good enough excuse for me to check it out. I'm pretty sure Luther's Table is run as an outreach for the Lutheran Church and I think that's pretty darn cool. There are many ways to witness for your faith and reach out to those willing to listen, and I think music is one of the better ways. I know it's central to my faith.

Perhaps that's enough about death, faith and philosophy, at least until next month. Partying is pretty darn fun too! The Capitol Hill Block Party kicked ass like it always does, one monster hedonistic jam with lots of cheap beer if you know where to look. I heard a pile of new (to me) bands like Fucked Up:

Ra Ra Riot:

Spaceneedles (love the name):

Campfire OK:

I finally saw TacocaT!

I also got to hear some old favorites like the Head and the Heart and Grynch:

I also heard some music in India while I was there on a business trip (the soud is somewhat drowned out by the fountain, too bad):

Let's see, through May I saw 157 bands, 136 for the first time. In the last two and a half months I saw 73 more so the total now stand at 230 performances, 203 for the first time.

I didn't make it to Hempfest - too jet lagged and tired, I got back late Saturday and took it easy Sunday. There's an interesting festival next weekend called the Northwest Love Fest I'd like to see but I'm not sure if I'll make it. Seattle Peace concerts coming up too, I may get to one of those.

In two weekends Bumbershoot is here, and I have tickets for all 3 days. Here's one of my favorite performances from last year's Bumbershoot with Hey Marseilles covering Love Insurgent:

I should see 60 or so bands Bumbershoot weekend alone, which will put me very close to 300 for the year. Looking forward to more good music, and with my second Flip I can get even more video per show!

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