Monday, January 31, 2011

Rock and Roll Circus at the Vera

Went to an interesting show on a weekend in January at the Vera called the "Rock-N-Roll Circus" and caught quite a few bands.

They used the main stage for amplified bands, then have an acoustic set out in the lobby/gallery while the equipment was taken down and the next band set up, then back to the main stage for the next electric band, switching back and forth and squeezing in 2 acts an hour from 5:30 on. I got there late, around 7, so I missed several.

RnRCircus 018

The first band I saw was Hounds of the Wild Hunt.
RnRCircus 001

They rocked out, played a range from punk (1st video) to melodic mainstream rock (2nd):

Next we went out to the lobby for Eric Miller's acoustic set. He accompanied himself on guitar and harmonica, didn;t get any harp on this video but you can hear his smooth friendly delivery of the song, good personality showing through and helping him pull off the performance:

The acoustic sets were fairly short, so we headed back into the main stage room for Mini Rex. They had a cute costuming notion, all wearing horizontal red and gray stripes with the letters to "MINI" on their shirts, the vocalist had REX on hers. All female group, here's a picture:
RnRCircus 007

The bass player carried the song structure, two guitar approach with keyboard fills, pretty full sound.

Next up was Sex Offender, a 3 piece band with a woman singing and playing acoustic guitar, a woman singing and playing keyboard, and a dude playing drum pads.
RnRCircus 012

Good sound, reasonable dynamics and interesting vocals, occasionally 2 part vocals, I enjoyed watching this band.

Back to the main stage for Badlands:

I saw Badlands at a Veracity show a few months back. Good punk sound, a little ragged which is by design.

The last act I was able to catch was Creem City:
RnRCircus 019

Classic power trio lineup with the vocalist sporting the distressed lingerie look. Interesting band, I didn't get enough of them recorded so my choices are limited, but you can hear what they're doing a bit:

I ended up missing the last 3 bands, which was too bad. I think I should do a monthly wrap-up where I can list the stuff I missed.

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