Monday, January 31, 2011

Jon Noe's 50th Birthday Bash with Wired and Ryan LaPlant

We celebrated Jon Noe's 50th birthday at the Shanty Tavern on Lake City Way.

The Shanty has a nice roomy parking lot and a comfortable vibe with a moderate crowd rinking, playing pool, and listening to the music. We got drinks, said hi to Jon and some friends, and settled in to listen to Ryan Laplant.

Ryan put on a great set of powerful, bluesy roots oriented rock and roll. Excellent slide work in "Baby Please Don't go" and great rhythm and leads combined with his distinctive voice made for a memorable show.

Next Jon introduced Wired who led off with the Beattle's "You Say It's Your Birthday" with Jon on cowbell and continued with a virtual tour of rock history, hitting songs from the fifties, sixties, and seventies, and probably the eighties and nineties too, I tend to lose track, with at least some bits from this century as well.

Very tight performance, they had their intros and finishes down and when they played with dynamics they nailed it as a band, never getting sloppy about the quiet bits or the loud bits: they had a plan and it worked well.

I drank too much and danced my butt off and had a great time, staying on the dance floor for most of Wired's set. All in all an awesome birthday party!

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