Thursday, January 26, 2017

Goodby Fly Moon Royalty

Fly Moon Royalty has been one of my favorite bands since I first saw them at Bumbershoot in 2011. In a year when I saw 370+ performances, they stood out. Here's a brief bit from the Bumbershoot 2011 performance, the first time I ever saw them:

I loved the sound the first time I heard it. Adro Boo has a great voice and is amazing live, and her writing is intense and awesome. Action Jackson on the keys and sequencers provides a better band setting for Adra's songs than most full live outfits do. Jackson's riffs and sounds worked very well for me, and the combination of Adra & Action Jackson was one of the best things in Seattle. The dancers are nice too, but they are awesome live with or without dancers. At the better shows the audience dances enough to make up for any lack of dancers on the stage.

I kept an eye out for Fly Moon Royalty and was able to catch a couple of free shows in 2012, one at the Mural Amphitheater and one at Goddess Fest held at an obscure area in Woodland Park (the park, not the zoo).

They were well worth keeping track of, putting out a couple of great albums and adding great songs to their live sets. They did an Out-to-Lunch show this Summer that was fun. Honestly, they're one of my top 3 local acts and I was hoping they'd break out nationally, they were talented enough to deserve it.

Unfortunately, in the late Fall of 2016 they announced their final show coming up on December 23. Dang, too many of my favorite local acts only get so far, look like they are poised to blow up, but then it never happens and they wind it down. Don't Talk to the Cops was similar - I loved them, every time I saw them it was an off the charts sweaty dance-fest, pretty much like Fly Moon Royalty as far as that goes. They split up this year too.

Sadly enough I didn't even make it to their final show. Sigh. Well, both Adra Boo and Action Jackson are way too talented to stop after one band, so I look forward to seeing what they get up to next, and I hope it's much more the success they deserve, they are amazingly talented and I'd love to see them get rewarded for their brilliance.

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