Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sebastian Mehenka covers "A Sky Full of Stars"

My wife pointed out Sebastian Mehenka's work on YouTube to me and  I enjoyed it. His video of "A Sky Full of Stars" in particular was well done. He covered it for his girlfriend and his clear earnest vocals carry the romantic song with a nice effects presence making it sound like he's singing in a large echoing room. The piano playing is nice and I'm pretty impressed by the visual content too. There are some interesting ideas and themes. BTW was that a shrimp or a lobster scooting along? Surprising yet fitting visual element, somehow.

He has other content worth checking out too.
Sebastian lives somewhere off in Canada near Toronto, nowhere near where I live, so YouTube may be the only way I'd ever see Sebastian's work. I always enjoy it when I stumble across nicely crafted music and listen to something unanticipated that I like.


  1. When I hear the original song on the radio now it just doesn't sound right. I love Sebastion's version way better.

  2. Thank you to Virtual Sound for noticing and enjoying my video enough to write this awesome article on it! It makes me immeasurably happy to see my love for Stephanie travel places I've never yet been to myself, and I can't wait to record another song for her.

    It was very humbling to hear about this blog and to find myself so professionally written about. I'm very grateful, so thank you once again!

    - PS. the tiny critter near the end of the video that scuttles by the camera is a Crayfish (also known as a Crawfish or a Crawdad); they are tiny lobster-like creatures that interrupt fresh water fisherman and taste great over an open fire! We filmed it with a GoPro she got for a gift so I put some of the clips into the video to remind her I will never forget the first months of our relationship when I fell in love with her for the first time.