Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kids Music In Shopping Malls and Odds and Ends

Chris Ballew performs kids music as Caspar Babypants and I've seen him a few times at Bumbershoot and so on. Ballew is a great performer and the kids love him so I always enjoy it when I get a chance to see him. I friended him on Facebook and noticed that he was doing a free show at Northgate Mall so I ran by and filmed a bit. The crowd was full of kids and they loved the show. Chris was on as usual, engaging kids and playing his signature odd funny songs.

I enjoy the odd free show, it's nice! Caspar Babypant's CD can be purchased on-line if you're interested, here's an ad for that:

One odd thing happened when I went to upload the videos from Caspar Babypants/Chris Ballew: there were extra videos. The videos are from bands I sort of remember, but not really. No idea who the bands are, but there are an assortment of interesting bits.

This one is from the Tractor Tavern, so there's a good chance it was from Reverb, no idea who it is.The band has a good sound but the camera's mic isn't quite up to the volume level so it distorts a bit. It sounded better live.

Another good band, this time I don't even know what the venue is: Because these last two videos got uploaded one after the other on YouTube there's a mild chance they are both from Reverb Fest.

I also found a bit of Don't Talk to the Cops This is from a show that I wrote about a while back as one of the ones I didn't write about, if that makes any sense.

Two other bits from an unknown Vera Project performance that I can't identify, I think this short bit is the setup for the song: Followed by this heavy/hard core song:

It's odd how lack of attention leads to videos piling up and I can't quite recall the details. I still have interesting videos, but without artist names they don't get as many views. I'll have to pay a little more attention, and if anyone recognizes these bands please let me know. Thanks!

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