Thursday, July 14, 2011

July Veracity

I missed last month's Veracity, so to make up for it we had 5 bands at the July Veracity show. We mostly do 3 bands per Veracity with an occasional 2 or 4 band show, but we've never put on 5 as far as I know.

There's a bit of a trick involved: several of the bands were duos, so setup and sound check mostly went quick.

First up was Manson Girls, a "power duo" - a crunchy distorted guitar doing power chords with a drummer pounding away, occasional vocals but mostly instrumental.

Great t-shirts, Ramones and Nirvana are both personal favorites. Broken string at the end, this song pretty much had everything other than vocals. Good first act, they had me bouncing around and enjoying myself.

Next was The Trasholes, great name, another power duo, this time with more vocals. Fast songs, good drive and tempo from the drums, interesting vocal performance by the guitarist.

So Pitted played third out of the five bands. Somewhat punk sounding, fast music played pretty simple, this would be fun in a large mosh pit:

The 4th band was The Lindseys. They had if anything a more punk sound than So Pitted.

A couple of songs at least followed this template, starting out with a nice guitar opening then becoming faster and thrashy as it progressed. Fun stuff!

Pocket Panda came on to close out the show.

Quite a bit different direction than the prior bands, softer and more melodic, very nice. I taped several of their songs, I particularly like the male/female vocals and the violin. I had a hard time framing the whole band but you can hear what they're up to pretty clearly. I think I got into a better position on the later videos, at least you can mostly see the violinist. I think this one is a cover but I'm not sure; it sounds familiar, anyway.

I got several songs from Pocket Panda taped.

There's one more Pocket Panda video on my YouTube channel that I didn't end up embedding. Normally I take some pictures with my digital SLR and use 1 video and a photo or two per band in a post, or maybe 2 videos for bands I really like. Unfortunately I got my DSLR to the Vera without any batteries and all I have is videos, so I added a few more to the post.

Anyway it was good to get back into attending shows again, it's been pretty thin since Sasquatch. I may not attend any more for a bit, but Sasquatch is coming up and I'm attending all 3 days so I should see quite a few more bands before the end of July - and I'm definitely looking forward to it.

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