Monday, March 28, 2011

50th and 21st Birthday Party

I was born in 1961 on March 13 and my daughter was born in 1990 10 days later on March 23, so we decided we should have a party on March 26 and celebrate.

We had a radio/CD out in the front room, they mostly played radio stuff on it. In the back room where the keg was set up an odd assortment of familiar (Ramones, novelty tunes) and unfamiliar (Russian punk, rock, heavy metal, turbopop all in Russian)that my son selected.

My son in-law brought his music player over and played a bit of his favorite stuff.

I drank a bit much, sang and played some guitar while Jan played piano and Carina, Jan, and several others sang lead. We sang some old Beatles songs and "She Drives Me Crazy" and had a good time. It was sloppy and fun, people sang along on the more familiar Beatles tunes and I enjoyed myself immensely.

We didn't rehearse or plan anything and don't have a concept of a band, so I can't quite add one to the count of bands I've seen this year. If we named ourselves and practiced at least once then did a house party I'd count it. This was just a little musical rambling, fun but very transient.

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