Friday, March 4, 2011

More Blogs That I Commented On

I tend to be such a comment slut that I lose track of the blogs I commented on with links back to my blog, but of the ones I can recall I particularly appreciate Remington who writes modern-flow, 1HipHopBlog who posted about my blog on the KnowMads Concert which makes me happy (nothing like a little ego gratification) and Roy + Josh who blog at Keeping Music Classy, they all commented on my Knowmads post, which is appreciated.

I linked to the Diamond Rings blog on Winnie Cooper's "The Interview Show" blog.

I linked to the Magma Fest blog at Sea Live Music

I linked to my Lonely Forest blog all over, including the Stranger's blog, Consequences of Sound, Culture Mob, the SB Project, Seismic Sound, Seattle Scenester, Glorious Noise and Suzi Pratt

I'm sure I'll add more links shortly, I'm going to the Marnie Stern show tomorrow and The Ex the day after that, although it probably cools off a little after that, but I still have the Veracity Show in a week and I'll probably squeeze something else in somewhere by the end of the month.
Thanks to all of them for letting me comment with links back to my blog, they're all interesting blogs, well worth checking out.

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